About Ultra-Pool & $PAC

This is the basic about page for Ultra-Pool & $PAC.

Mining pool fees

Fee splits

Pool fees are set to 1.5%. 1% goes to server costs 0.5% goes to charites

Any left over funds from the 1% goes to Ultra-Pool/$PACpool team funds to help grow the project..


Ultra-Pool has been a mining project for 1year now. This is the new rebuilt mining pool that will have lots of cool extras down the road. We are partnered with $PAC, Kubo Coin, Elo exchange, LeisureCoin and many more.

Ultra-Pool & $PAC

$PAC is very well built project with a big following. $PAC is a mineable Masternode coin based on the X11 algo. One of the bigest $PAC pools closed it doors on Dec 24th of 2018 and leaving 1 mining pool to have all of $PAC Network hash rate. $PAC and Ultra-Pool wanted to fill that gap that was left open. We all will miss foxd's mining pool and I hope we can fill foxd's mining pool shoes. Ultra-Pool has a big order to fill.

Mine with

GPU's 0.01-500 diff: stratum+tcp://pacultra.pacnode.net:3055 -u PACCOIN-wallet-address -p x

Mine with

Asic D3 100 Diff: stratum+tcp://pacultra.pacnode.net:3064 -u PACCOIN-wallet-address -p x

Mine with a few

Asic D3's 500 Diff: stratum+tcp://pacultra.pacnode.net:3066 -u PACCOIN-wallet-address -p x

Mine with many

Asic D3's 1000 Diff : stratum+tcp://pacultra.pacnode.net:3067 -u PACCOIN-wallet-address -p x

Mine with

Nicehash 10000 Diff : stratum+tcp://pacultra.pacnode.net:3068 -u PACCOIN-wallet-address -p x

$PAC & PACnode website:

https://paccoin.net/ & https://pacnode.net/

PAC is a digital payment network connecting merchants and consumers with a fast, secure and more cost-effective payment network. The major aim of $PAC is to become the most efficient and user-friendly cryptocurrency that is available globally. Come join our mission to build the world's largest Digital Payment Network.

Pool Configuration

This shows the current pool settings.